A Sound Like Rain. Release date to be announced Late 2024 Day One The Turquoise sky had fallen in and down to Earth melting like butter into the depths of the forest pools. Green tree ants ran wild up and down lianas to known and unknown destinations hunting food for their tribe. They had a history and could make use of any scraps that were left in the green verge and turbulence of leaves and vine. Writing their own script and future Anywhere, Anytime, wherever and whenever they wanted. Vibrating with life and being. Further down reptiles moved upstream further and further as they had no predator or fear anymore just the hunger for territory, survival and sustenance. The arteries of the rainforest hum to the sound of the Riflebird as it displays a notice and muse to a new mate and the sound of Cassowary walking on. Day flying moths flew to the call of the boulders while Ornithoptera displayed size and beauty a thousand times more than what was required and sought in this green mixture of life and abundance and stated that Priamus was King and Queen. So this is what this place is. An encounter, a mixture of green colour and uncluttered noise. This is what this place is. The snake makes a stretch along the tree as if to be a branch then slides effortlessly upward to find a fresh egg or something else to eat. Its glistening armor sparkles rainbows in the speckled light of the rainforest. God lives here or maybe God doesn't. It doesn't matter how it manifests itself as all that counts is that it manifests and conquers with its beauty and surprise. The turbulence of sound, running, crashing water and the rustle of the leaf completes the poetry of noise. A noise that only Nature can make. Once out of the blue the Paradise Kingfisher swoops down to the lower canopy with it white tail dipping earthward the fluttering wings prods the leaves into a rhythmic almost operatic movement. Leaning forward there were strange sounds in the forest and also footprints in the mud. Footprints in the Mud The day at the pools continues with carloads arriving for their swimming lessons to hear the call of the princess beckoning them to join her at their leisure forever.

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